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We recommend The Project Management PrepCast instead. It is a full-featured exam prep training that will teach you everything you need to know.

PMP FlashCards Reviews by Actual Customers

Flash Cards

I didn't find the flash cards very useful and in fact did not use them after having a quick look. The exam simulator on the other hand was very useful.
Barry MacBride PMP


This has helped me build my PMP vocabulary. It helps you recall lot of stuff and contemplate.
lalit duggal

Wan Mustapha Wan Ismail

I bought the flashcards few weeks before my exams. I used those after I have had done my full learning from the PMBOK. I found the cards very motivating and it is a means for me to do a check up of my understanding of the subject matters. I would highly recommend to every PMP aspiring candidates to have in possession especially 2 to 3 weeks prior to the exams. 


Life and Time savor

This has been the most convenient way of studying for my PMP exam. I can take it with me everywhere because I have the PM FlashCards on my phone, android tablet and my computer. There is no way I can remember all the PM FlashCards but it has taught me how to remember key words in the questions and connect to key words in the answers. I definitely would recommend these flash cards to everyone study for their CAPM or PMP.

Richard Arvey
United States

PM Flashcards helped me so much

Hi Cornelius, I passed my PMP with the help of your management flash cards. They helped me so much memorize the required knowledge for the PMP Exam.

I am so thankful. Good job!

Kai Niekammer

Irshad Raza Mohib Ali

I purchased these flash cards so that it could help me revise and prepare while I am away from home and travelling. It is a real value for money and it covers every part of the PMBOK.

I will definitely recommend this product and every other product of OSP International LLC.

And my special thanks to Cornelius Fichtner and his team who made the lives easier for PMPs like me.

Irshad Raza Mohib Ali

Project Manager

I purchased the Flash cards and found them extensive and detailed,difficult to finish at one go,but went thro all of them before the PMP exams.I feel that the flash cards will help to overcome and understand the PMP course better especially those parts where there are no two answers like the formulas and problems based on formulas.

Akbar Raja

Uwe Wieczorek


when I was bought the flash cards in 2010. I think that I can learn the staff when I am on the daily way to my office (2x 30 min.).
The problem was that can`t see the cards on my iPhone.
I told that to Cornelius but we didn`t found a solution at that time.
He suggested to get back my money, but I told him that we wait for a solution.
Today I didnt know how it works and additionally i use a Windows Phone 7.5. Are this phone type compatible?


Uwe Wieczorek

Edward Hurst Jr.

The flashcards are assisting me greatly in preparing for the PMP exam.

Edward Hurst Jr.

Cornelius Sowah

I revised with PM Flashcards for my PMP exams.
It was on my Iphone and I read through as I commutted to and from work.
It was of great help to me.
Interestingly the author and I share the same first name.
Thanks Cornelius and Team.

Cornelius Sowah

Venkatesh Vedurumudi

PM FlashCards is an awesome tool when preparing for PMP. Do you have any tools that work on Symbion Belle OS for NOKIA mobiles? Also, are there any free apps for iPOD Touch?

Venkatesh Vedurumudi

Ben Thomas

While I was preparing for PMP , i wanted a product that would constantly keep in touch with my preparation. The flash cards helped me in achieving this objective. I use it today too , to keep in touch with the subject. The simple format used has helped me to move from device to device. Brilliant solution in this complicated world ! Keep up the good work .

Ben Thomas


These products are great. Frankly speaking I did not buy anything except sample Flashcards and sample exams but from what ever I went through they were really nice. It\'s just that I already prepared my exam through some other material otherwise I would have bought full pack.

Munish Kohli

Edgar Cosco

The Flashcrads are good information, anywhere and anytime I can read them. They help me understand PMBOK Guide.
I will hope soon a to be PMP.


Edgar Cosco

Senior Construction Manager

I have purchased the flashcards, however, I have not used them once. The retrieval of the information after downloading the files was too cumbersome/inefficient.

M. Magdalena Ryor

Director of Technology Services

After many hours of study, I successfully completed the PMP exam.  I have heard many questions from PMP aspirants (including from my younger self) regarding costs, classes, time, and other resources that are needed (obviously, after meeting PMI’s experience and application requirements) to prepare for the PMP.  There is not just one road to follow.  Although I probably spent too much money and studied too much, basically taking the long way, I did accomplish what I set out to do on the first try.  Here is what worked for me and the money, time, and resources I invested:



*PMBOK:  $0.00 (included in PMI membership, retail $65.95)
*Applying the Fundamentals of Project Management (PMI Class):  $500.00
*PMP Exam Prep Book 7th Edition (RMC Project Management):  $89.15
*PMP Exam Prep Audio Book 7th Edition (RMC Project Management):  $45.35
*PMP Exam Formula Study Guide (OSP International LLC):  $19.97
*The Project Management PrepCast (OSP International LLC):  $99.00
*PMP Exam eFlashCards (OSP International LLC):  $29.99
*CAPM Test:  $225.00
*PMP Test:  $405.00

SUB-TOTAL:  $1,413.46


*PMI Membership – Individual Membership:  $129.00
*PMI Pittsburgh Chapter Membership:  $35.00

SUB-TOTAL:  $164.00

TOTAL:  $1,577.46



Study:  Approximately 400 hours (includes reading, listening to audio, exercises, studying notes, flashcards, other documentation).  Bulk of study between 5:00 AM and 8:00 AM, during commute, during exercise, and on weekends/holidays.


*PMI Webinars – Misc.:  Approximately 6 hours
*Monthly PMI Meetings:  Approximately 5 hours

TOTAL:  410 hours

Other Resources Utilized:

*iPod Nano 6G – Used for Exam Prep Audio Book 7th Edition
*iPod Classic 120 GB – Used for The Project Management PrepCast & PMP Exam eFlashCards (screen display is better than Nano for these)
*PC Windows – Used to view for The Project Management PrepCast via iTunes
*PC Ubuntu – Used to view for The Project Management PrepCast via gPodder
*Exam Central –

I found the exam to be as challenging, tricky, and thorough as I had heard it would be.  After 3.5 hours of testing I felt pretty good about my potential results during the 30 – 60 seconds (or what seemed like hours) between completing the exam and getting the results.

Good luck!

David J. Kearney

Sudarsan Vempati

PM Flash-Cards on iPod are a marvel to have. The whole concept of having an image for each of the PMP fundamentals is unique and highly creative. I am currently working as a Project Leader and when I had an onsite visit where I found some free-time, these flasch-cards on my iPod filled in my busy schedule. I find them very informative, refreshing, reminiscing PMP fundamentals.

Sudarsan Vempati

Perry Lundquist

PMFlashcards were a great help in preparing me for the PMP exam and I used them in conjunction with Rita\'s book. What I liked about PMFlashcards was that once I had them loaded on my smartphone I was able to study while running errands, waiting in line and waiting for appointments. I also found terms in the PMFlashcards that Rita never discussed and I saw these terms on the exam. PMFlashcards helped me pass the exam on the first attempt. Thank you Cornelius!

Perry Lundquist
Director of Operations, Telizent Communications
United States

Project Manager

Great resource for those that want to take advantage of any time to review for the PMP exam

Hardy Adjunta

Passed with eFlashCard

Hi There,

I bought eFlascard on 18 Sept 2009 in order to enhance, maintain & up to date my PMP knowledge. My previous mentor also using it & share to us how usefull this tools for passing the PMP. It seem like no boudaries, i could read & use them At Anytime & anywhere, as long as my smartphone with me. It just like an live bible, when im lost in Project Mangement, i can easly tune myself to it....

Power for eFlashCard..


Joseph Rojas

eFlashCards are the perfect tool to help you memorize all the key knowledge areas from the PMBOK guide. I put them on my iPhone and my PC. Wherever and whenever I had a few extra minutes, I would use them. They were a great tool that helped me pass my PMP....happy studying!

Joseph Rojas

PM Flashcards are a Great Tool

PM Flashcards was a great tool to add to my PMP Exam studying. They allowed another way to test my skill set and the knowledge gained without having to pay for multiple costly practice exams.

Donna Liendo
Senior Proposal Manager

Excellent Affordable Products from Cornelius

Hi Cornelius,

I cleared my PMP couple of weeks back. Here are the OSP products I've used:
1) Podcast / PrepCast
2) Formula Study Guide
3) Coach
4) 35 Hours cert

I highly recommend these products.

Oh BTW, I had the one page formulas 'till the last moment before entering exam center.

Venu K

Great product, easy to use

The webinars/flashcards and podcasts in no small part helped me to pass the PMP Exam on August 20th!!

Thank you for preparing your materials in such a way so as to better understand the PMI methodolgy.

Best Reards,

Brenda Johnson

Brenda Johnson
RFP Project Manager III

Great Practice

The three practice tests were very beneficial for preparing and assessing my readiness.

Jennifer Winkelvoss
eCommerce Integration Program Manager

PM-FlashCards helped me

When I purchased these PM Flashcards I was not able to see them on my mobile device which used to be Nokia N95, but Cornelius provided the low resolution flashcards immediately when contacted and I was able to review the concepts before my exam on my N95.

I count these flashcards as one of the important tools in my success at PMP certification. They provide a quick and efficient way of revising the concepts at places you may never had though of studying.

I have recommended these cards to all my friends who are pursuing PMP certification.

with regards
Tushar Joshi, PMP

Tushar Joshi

Very effective of recap

Thank You for PM Flashcards.

A very effective way of recap all essentials using iPod on the go.


A great tool and technique

It's great to have a brief focused updated tool as those flashcards to cover collective important questions topics strongly related to the exam way of thinking and put them all together in your pocket for easy access anywhere you have time to use it. But remember it is only one tool,and not enough to cover all the needed exam tools,as it usually covers only the straight forward direct knowledge area of exam. Overall,I do recommend them highly to any person seeking exam success.

Hazem Hamed M. Khalil

I.T. Project Manager

PM Flashcards
These flashcards are so good. They have helped me prepare for the PMP Exam . So far every training tool I have used from Cornelius has been excellent. He is an outstanding teacher. My only wish, I would have known about this material at the beginning of my studies
Dave Schulman

Sr. Project Manager


The PM Flashcards were a big help in keeping me focused and learning about project management. I loaded them on my iPod which allowed me to review the material during breaks. A minute here and there added up to passing the PMP test the first time. Remember, even a minute per day is still a half hour of learning over the month.
Marvin Klein
California, USA

Manager Document Controller

I have passed PMP with the help of PrepCast & PM Flashcards, Rita book, PMBOK. I installed Flashcards on mobile and also on computer. PM Flashcards helped me to remember the required terminology and understand the concept of each term used in PMBOK. It's very helpful and it's good to use, if you don't have patient to read PMBOK, when you wanted to. I appreciate its nice product.

Thanks once again

Sanjay Gadekar
Saudi Arabia

Chuck Abare

The PMP Exam eFlashCards are a tremendous Exam Prep tool. By having it available on my iPod, I could maximize my study time by popping it out when I am waiting in lines, riding the train (to and from work), or waiting for a prescription! In addition, the ability to focus on areas where I am weak, has helped me to feel more confident about taking the PMP Exam...Thanks Cornelius!

Chuck Abare
Virginia, USA

Tim Clement, MBA, PMP, MCP

The eFlashCards are a great concept. I used a competitive product for my PMP exam study that was spiral-bound. I never seemed to have flashcards with me when I needed them. I'm rarely without my Blackberry and having the PMP study material with me is great. I'm using the eFlashCards to familiarize myself with the 4th edition PMBOK material.

Tim Clement, MBA, PMP, MCP

Paul Wills

I found the PMP Exam eFlashCards very comprehensive, simple to setup and easy to use. Perhaps they should be called PMP “Martini” eFlashCards; Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere.

Paul Wills

Jürgen Ekert

The PMP Exam eFlashCards are a great way to prepare yourself for the PMP Exam on the go. Whereever you have you mobil device (e.g. IPOD) with you - you can start to study. It is amazing how much out of the PMBOK Guide is covered. I really recommend this cards to everybody who wants to prepare quickly and effective for the PMP Exam. Have FUN.

Jürgen Ekert

Danilo Tambone

The PMP Exam eFlashCards are the fastest and most portable way to jump on PMP topics while on the go. By testing with fast questions, your mind gets quickly involved. It's like having a friend nearby who asks you questions and let you think about PMP issues! Definetly to recommend.

Danilo Tambone