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The PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards™ Product Details

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Print Your PDF FlashCards at Home

If you prefer printed, physical flash cards, then The PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards™ are for you.

A recent study by the Washington University in St. Louis, concluded that flash cards are among the best study approaches because they support "distributed practicing", which is the technique of repeating and recalling knowledge again and again, distributed over time.

Additionally, your PDF FlashCards are also a "mini test" with which you challenge yourself repeatedly to improve your score. This was another technique highlighted by the study.

Study Hands-On

Here's how your PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards™ help speed up your PMP® Exam studies:

PMP Exam FlashCards

  • Tactile - Printed flash cards are physical and your sense of touch enhances the learning experience.
  • Separate Stacks - Place cards you answered correctly on a separate stack and focus on the cards you didn't know.
  • Brain Dump Ideas - Place cards with important concepts on a special stack and add the information to your brain dump sheet later on.
  • Shuffle - Manually shuffle them any way you like.
  • It's Easy - Read the question - Think of the answer - Turn the card - See if you were correct. What could be simpler?

You Receive 1,500 PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards

The PMP® Exam requires you to know hundreds, if not thousands of project management related terms and facts. And because there are so many terms to know you need to have a large number of flash cards to study with.

Your PDF FlashCards are based on three sources: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) Glossary, the Project Management Institute (PMI)® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, as well as terms and concepts that come from various other sources.

Your PDF FlashCards Are Just $29.99 ($39.99 for the Bundle)

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The price for your 1,500 PDF FlashCards is just $29.99. You receive several PDF documents that you can print on your home printer and start your studies.

Are you interested in buying both the eFlashCards as well as the PDF FlashCards? Buy them as a bundle for just $39.99.

Print them as FlashCards or FlashPages

Printing your PDF FlashCards at home is a straightforward process. You can print the cards on your home printer in two formats:

  Printed FlashCards Foldable FlashPages
Description These are your traditional flash cards. Each question/answer pair is printed on a separate piece of paper. You have to manually cut out the printed cards. Instead of having a separate piece of paper for each question/answer, the foldable FlashPages have six questions down the left side of each page and the corresponding six answers are on the right side. Fold the page down the middle and begin answering the questions top down.
You Need Laser printer, scissors Laser printer
Print Steps
  1. Print the "FlashCards_Front.PDF" document
  2. Turn the paper over and reload it into your printer tray
  3. Print the "FlashCards_Reverse.PDF" document
  4. Cut the paper along the lines
  1. Print the "FlashCards_Foldable.PDF" document
  2. Fold each page down the middle
Pages printed 150 pages printed on both front and back 300 pages printed on one side
You Get 1,500 flash cards with a question on the front and answer on the back. FlashPages with six questions and answers per page.

Please note that the Printable FlashCards and the Foldable FlashPages contain the same 1,500 questions. They are provided to you in these two formats so that you have a choice in regards to how you want to print them.

The PDF FlashCards Teach you the Must-Know Concepts

Order The PMP Exam eFlashCards=

The PMP® Exam requires you to know hundreds, if not thousands of project management related terms and facts. Most of these can be found in The PMBOK® Guide. But not all of them! Experts generally agree that about 75%-85% of the concepts you need to know for the PMP® Exam are directly related to the PMBOK® Guide. The rest comes from various other sources.

That is why your PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards were created from the following, multiple sources to ensure that you get the width and breadth you need:

Category Description PDF FlashCards
PMBOK® Guide Glossary The PDF FlashCards in this category are all based on the glossary that you find in the back of the PMBOK® Guide. These FlashCards help you study and remember all the project management concepts and terminology that is used in the guide. This knowledge is indispensable for the PMP® Exam. 1,212
Non PMBOK® Guide The PMBOK® Guide does not contain 100% of the knowledge and concepts used in project management today. So the FlashCards in this category are based on various other sources. With these FlashCards you will learn many of the facts not mentioned in the guide but needed for the exam. 218
Code of Ethics The questions in this category are based on the PMI® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Your PMP® Exam will contain a number of situational questions that relate to ethics and proper conduct, and the questions on these PDF FlashCards will teach you the facts. 70
  Total number of PDF FlashCards in all categories: 1,500

Engaging Style Supports Faster Study Speed

The last thing you want from your PDF FlashCards is to be bored by the same, repetitive question / answer style. That is why we have developed your PDF FlashCards with a variety of styles and question / answer designs. Here are 10 examples:

Sample eFlashCard Question Sample eFlashCard Answer
What are Acceptance Criteria? Conditions that must be met before project deliverables are accepted.
Explain Central Tendency. A property of the central limit theorem predicting that the data observations in a distribution will tend to group around a central location.
The Cost Performance Index (CPI) is the ratio of what project variables? CPI is expressed as the ratio of earned value to actual cost.
Describe the Dependency Determination technique. Dependency Determination is a technique used to identify the type of dependency that is used to create the logical relationships between predecessor and successor activities.
How do you define Estimate Activity Durations? The process of estimating the number of work periods needed to complete individual activities with estimated resources.
Give examples of what comprise Organizational Process Assets. Plans, processes, policies, procedures, and knowledge bases that are specific to and used by the performing organization.
How would you define Methodology? A system of practices, techniques, procedures, and rules used by those who work in a discipline.
Fill in the blanks. The M______ R_______ is not included in the performance measurement baseline (PMB). The Management Reserve is not included in the performance measurement baseline (PMB).
Describe what a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is. A hierarchical decomposition of the total scope of work to be carried out by the project team to accomplish the project objectives and create the required deliverables.
What is a hierarchical decomposition of the total scope of work to be carried out by the project team to accomplish the project objectives and create the required deliverables? Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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Take another look at the last two examples in this list. Notice something? Both examples ask you about the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), but they do so in two different ways. Example 9 simply asks you "What is the definition of the WBS?" and example 10 gives you the definition and asks "What is this definition describing?"

We have used this "two-way" approach for most of the questions on your PDF FlashCards, because in this way you will learn, understand and be able to describe facts and concepts from multiple angles.

Try The PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards for Free

  • Download all PDF files from the links below
  • PDF FlashCards Front/Reverse: Print the Front and then put the paper correctly back into your printer so it will print on the other side. Now print Reverse. Then cut the paper alongside the borders to create individual cards.
  • PDF FlashPages: Print this document one sided. Fold each page with the text on the outside. Study page by page starting with the first question.

You also receive these Bonus Items

Bonus Item #1: The PMP® Exam Mindset Email Course

Preparing for the PMP® Exam takes time, perseverance, dedication, and you need to have the right mindset. To help you we have brought together the best of our PMP® Exam articles that talk about attitude, approaches, techniques and of course mindset. They are indispensable. You receive the following articles as a daily email:

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  • The Secret Of Creating Your PMP® Exam Brain Dump Sheet
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  • Boost your PMP® Studies - Join PMP® Exam Prep Internet Forums
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  • Have the Right Mindset for Your PMP® Exam

Bonus Item #2: Access to our Exam Discussion Forums

Wouldn't it be great if you had a question about the exam that you could go and ask a trusted source? That is what our exam forums are for. All customers and students have access to these forums. Ask a question and your fellow students or our staff will help you.

Bonus Item #3: Instant Subscription to the PMP® Exam Tips Newsletter

Subscription to this newsletter is a great way to complete all the aspects of the PMP® exam preparation. You receive weekly tips about specific PMP® exam techniques, guidelines and resources, exam dos and don’ts, proper scheduling and time management, and various efficient approaches you can apply. A valuable tool indeed that enables you to breathe and take one step at a time towards a relaxed you with a focused mind come exam day.

PMI Registered Education ProviderRegistered Education Provider

OSP International LLC, the creator of The PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards, has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. As a PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), we have agreed to abide by PMI® established quality assurance criteria.

Technical Specifications

Your PDF FlashCards are available in two versions: FlashCards and FlashPages. Both contain the same 1,500 question and answer pairs. The difference is in the printed result.

Technical Specifications: Overview

Features Printable FlashCards Foldable FlashPages
Total number of FlashCards 1,500 1,500
PDF Documents 2 1
PDF Filenames FlashCards_Front.PDF
Number of printed pages ~300 ~300
Print both sides Yes
Questions on front
Answers on back
Questions and answers on front
For PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition? Yes Yes

Technical Specifications: Product Limitations

Limitation Description
PDF not searchable The PDF documents that you receive as part of your PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards are not searchable. Text in the PDF documents can also not be copy/pasted.
No duplex printing You receive two PDF documents to print the individual flashcards. One PDF document contains all the card fronts (questions) and the second PDF document contains the card backs (answers). These must be printed in two print jobs: print front - reload paper - print back. You must follow these steps even if you have a duplex printer. The printer must be set to "no duplex" first.
Laser recommended We recommend that you print the PDF FlashCards on a laser printer. There are a total of about 300 pages to print. An ink-jet printer is not suitable for such a large number of pages.
Paper transparency Regular laster printer is slightly transparent. The other side of the cards may shine through just a bit.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • If the PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards don't come up to your expectation
  • If you feel that the PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards do not work for you
  • If you are not 100% satisfied

Just write to our support within 90 days of your purchase and ask for a refund. Please see our Terms & Conditions for our detailed Refund Policy.

Discount Coupon Policy

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Access is Not Forever

Your access to The PMP® PDF FlashCards is not forever. Please read the Terms and Conditions for all the details before you make a purchase. Here are some highlights:

PMP Exam FlashCards

  • Purchase of The PMP® PDF FlashCards does not grant you a perpetual ("continuous" or "indefinite") license to the product. You are buying a license to access the current version of the product, which you may use to prepare for the current exam.
  • The PMP® PDF FlashCards will become immediately outdated and obsolete once PMI® implements an exam update. We are a PMI® Registered Education Provider and at the time of such an exam update we are required to remove outdated training materials.
  • Your purchase grants you access to The PMP® PDF FlashCards until you pass your PMI® exam, provided this occurs before PMI® makes an exam update. The next such update is expected in July 2017. We will close your account when PMI® updates the exam and you will no longer be able to access The PMP® PDF FlashCards. No exceptions.
  • Customers who purchase The PMP® PDF FlashCards within 180 days of a PMI® exam update receive a free or discounted upgrade. All others must purchase the new version.

Please remember that the above are just informational highlights.

Please read the Terms and Conditions where all the details are explained before you purchase.

Disclaimer: You Must Print the Cards Yourself

Your PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards are not pre-printed. You receive PDF documents and have to print the cards on your home printer.

Please download the free version of the FlashCards to see exactly what you are going to get before making a purchase. Click here for your Free FlashCards...

Disclaimer: eFlashCards and PDF FlashCards Contain the Same Questions

Please note that the same 1,500 questions / answers have been used in the development of the eFlashCards as well as the PDF FlashCards. The difference is that eFlashCards are for your phone and PDF FlashCards are meant for printing.

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Don't wait! Studying for the PMP® Exam takes not only focus and dedication, but you also have to use the right study tools. The PMP® Exam PDF FlashCards help simplify and speed up your exam studies.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being prepared for your PMP® Exam.